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V-Box Pro Q&A

  • 1. How many charging modes does the V-BOX Pro have?

    1.1 Plug and Charge: Charging begins as soon as the V-BOX Pro and vehicle are connected. Provides a convenient and straightforward charging experience without the need for manual intervention.

    1.2 Manual Start: Control the charging process manually through the dedicated mobile app by clicking the "Start charging" and "Stop charging" buttons. Offers flexibility in starting and stopping the charging process at your preferred times, enabling better control over charging sessions.

    1.3 Charge by Kilowatt: Set a specific power level to start charging, and the charging process will stop automatically when the car reaches the preset power level. Allows you to precisely manage the amount of power delivered to your car during charging, optimizing energy consumption.

    1.4 Scheduled Charge: Set a charging schedule through the Lectron app, and the V-BOX Pro will automatically start and stop charging based on the specified start and end times. If the car is fully charged before the scheduled end time, charging will stop automatically. If the V-BOX Pro is not connected to the car 15 minutes before the scheduled charging start time, a push notification will be sent to your phone to remind you to connect. Facilitates charging during specific time frames, making it convenient and efficient, especially during off-peak electricity hours.

  • 2. How do I use Plug and Charge mode?

    2.1 In the Lectron app, switch the charging mode to "Plug and Charge" mode.

    2.2 Physically connect the charging handle to your vehicle. Ensure the changing handle is properly plugged into the charging port. As soon as the charger and vehicle are connected, the charging process will start automatically without the need for any further action in the app.

    2.3 To stop charging, simply disconnect the charging handle from the vehicle. The charging process will stop immediately, ensuring you can safely remove the charger.

  • 3. How do I use Manual Start mode?

    3.1 In the Lectron app, switch the charging mode to "Manual Start" mode.

    3.2 Once the charger is connected to the vehicle, you can control the charging process from the home page of the app. Simply click the start/stop button on the homepage to start or stop the charging as needed.

  • 4. How do I use Charge by Kilowatt mode?

    4.1 In the Lectron app, switch the charging mode to "Charge by Kilowatt" mode.

    4.2 Enter the desired number of kWh (kilowatt-hours) for charging and connect the charging handle to your vehicle.

    4.3 On the Lectron app home page, click the start/stop button to begin the charging process.

    Important : To modify the set power during quantitative charging, the charging process must be stopped before making any adjustments. If the charger is not disconnected and plugged it back in, the charged amount will continue to accumulate. Otherwise, the charged amount will be cleared and recalculated accordingly.

  • 5. How do I use Scheduled Charge mode?

    5.1 In the Lectron app, switch the charging mode to "Scheduled Charge" mode.

    5.2 Please ensure that you have created a charging schedule on the app's Schedule page (up to 7 charging schedules can be set at a time) and that the app slider button is switched to the 'on' position.

    5.3 Make sure the charger is connected to the electric vehicle. Charging will automatically start and end at the scheduled time periods. If the vehicle is fully charged midway, the charging process will stop.

    Warning: If you modify the time zone of your mobile phone, please delete the device and add it again. Inconsistencies between the device and mobile phone time zones may prevent scheduled charging from functioning properly.

  • 6. Is it possible to switch the charging mode during charging?

    6.1 No, first stop the charging process or wait for the charging to complete before making any changes to the charging mode.

  • 7. Can I share the V-BOX Pro with multiple users?

    7.1 Yes, to share the V-BOX Pro, simply follow these steps:

    7.1.1 Click the "···" icon located at the top right corner of the Lectron app.

    7.1.2 Select "Share device" from the options.

    7.1.3 Fill in the invitee's account details to share the V-BOX Pro.

  • 8. What is the maximum number of charging schedules that can be set?

    8.1 You can set up to a maximum of 7 charging schedules.

  • 9. Is it possible to set the maximum charging current?

    9.1 Yes, the V-BOX Pro maximum charging current can be set to 16A, 32A, 40A, or 48A. Please note: for 48A, a hardwired connection is necessary.

  • 10. How do I add the V-BOX Pro to my account and configure the Wi-Fi account password?

    10.1 Power on the V-BOX Pro.

    10.2 Log in to the Lectron app.Turn on the Bluetooth permission of the mobile phone.

    10.3 Navigate to the "Me" section and click on "My chargers".

    10.4 Click on "Add Device".

    10.5 Enter the Wi-Fi name and password.

    10.6 Wait for the process to complete, and the V-BOX Pro will be added successfully to your account.

  • 11. What does the button on the right side of the V-BOX Pro do?

    11.1 It functions as an emergency stop button.

    11.2 Pressing the emergency stop button will immediately halt the charging process.

  • 12. How to update the V-BOX Pro WiFi account and password?

    12.1 Click the "Remove device" button.

    12.2 Then choose "Disconnect"; do not select "Disconnect and wipe data”.
    Warning: Selecting "Disconnect and wipe data" erases charging history for future reconnection. "Disconnect" maintains charging history.

    12.3 Next, follow the steps in “10. How do I add the V-BOX Pro to my account and configure the Wi-Fi account password?” to add the V-BOX Pro and set WiFi info.

  • 13. What happens if the start time is greater than the stop time in Scheduled Charge mode?

    13.1 If the start time is later than the stop time (as shown below), the charger will treat it as if the end time is on the following day. Rest assured, charging will automatically stop once your EV is fully charged.

  • 14. How do I delete a device, and why does a newly added charger have charging history data?

    14.1 There are two methods to delete a device:

    - Disconnect: This method deletes the device but retains its data. If you re-add the device, the data will still be available.

    - Disconnect and Wipe Data: This method not only deletes the device but also clears all its data, returning it to the default Plug-and-Charge mode. If the device is plugged in during this process, charging will start automatically. When you add it again, the data will be displayed.

    - Note: It's advisable to unplug the device before deleting it and wiping its data for a smoother experience.

  • 15. Operating the V-BOX Pro when the station is offline?

    Note: Before proceeding, ensure that the charger is linked to a personal account, and your phone's Bluetooth permission is enabled.

    15.1 First, ensure that your phone is connected to the network. If your phone doesn't have a network connection, it may lead to difficulties in controlling the charger.

    15.2 When your mobile phone is connected to the internet, regardless of whether the charger is connected to the internet, you can still control the charger to start and stop charging.

  • 16. Operating the V-BOX Pro when your phone is offline?

    Note: Before proceeding, ensure that the charger is linked to a personal account, and your phone's Bluetooth permission is enabled.

    16.1 When your mobile phone is not connected to the network, you can manually control the charger to start and stop a charging session. To do this, make sure that the charger is also not connected to the network. Additionally, you have the option to temporarily disconnect the charger from the network during its operation.

  • 17. How to verify the network status on the V-BOX Pro?

    17.1 When the V-shaped light on the charger flashes yellow twice every 6 seconds, it indicates that the charger is offline.