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About Us

Leading the Charge!
Lectron is an electric vehicle charging company committed to redefining how we power our vehicles!
Greener is Greater
EVs are the key to a greener and greater future. By pioneering fast, easy, and affordable charging solutions, we are helping to spread EV adoption and powering a more sustainable future!
EV Charging for All
Covering 100% of the EVSE market, we are tackling the biggest EV charging problems head on — reducing range anxiety and eliminating compatibility issues for both Tesla and J1772 EV drivers.
Charge Your EV, Anywhere
Your journey should never be limited by charging access. With Lectron’s premium charging stations, chargers, and adapters, you have all the power you need to drive on — confidently.


We founded Lectron because we wanted give a direct to customer experience and make EV-accessories affordable for everyone.
Christopher Maiwald
Founder and CEO of Lectron.