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Lectron is making EV charging faster and more affordable for all drivers, and helping to usher in a new era of sustainability in the process! By signing up for the Lectron Affiliate Program, you can earn up to 7% commission on Lectron’s EV charging products – via links on your website, blog, or social media!

Becoming an affiliate is easy, and completely free!

  1. Sign up here
  2. Get access to trackable links, banners, and discount codes to post on your site
  3. Sit back and collect your commission
  4. Become one of our Top Affiliate and get a special Reward!
Remember, the more prominently you place your banners and buttons, the more people will respond, and the more commission you will make!
Why partner with Lectron?
  • It is FREE to join - there are no set up costs or membership fees and we will give you a full selection of banners and text to match the look and feel of your site.
  • Earn up to 7% on Lectron sales from your website or channel.
  • Track your sales and get paid every month.
  • Long cookie lifetime - with a 30-day cookie time frame, we ensure that returning visitors who place orders within this period will be credited to your sales commission.
  • Help the world move into an era of greener, more sustainable transportation.

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