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How to Update Firmware for Lectron CCS Charger

1. Use a “Micro-USB” cable to connect a Windows OS computer with the Lectron CCS charger. The firmware won’t update if the adapter isn’t connected.


2. Download the “Windows_Installer_CH34x.exe” file and run it to install the driver into your computer. Click install when you see the window below.


3. It will show you the driver is installed successfully like below.

4. Check your “Device Manager” to ensure the USB driver installed is visible under the “Ports” section.

5. Download the firmware writer “[V161-1.exe]” and run it to update the firmware. The following page will show up with the “Port Name” the same as the one in your “Device Manager”.

6. Click the button “Write” and the software should start updating like the image below. 

7. After about a minute, the update should be successful and you should see “Status: Success” like below.


Note: If you are still unable to use the adapter, please download [V161.exe] and go back to step 5 for firmware update.