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Tesla Cable Organizers


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    Lectron EV Charger Mount for Tesla | Cord Organizer

    *SHIPS WITHIN 1 - 2 WORKING DAYS PERFECT FIT FOR TESLA X/S/3/Y - Our Tesla Charger Mount is specially designed for the charger of the Tesla Model X...

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    Original price $24.99
    Original price $24.99 - Original price $24.99
    Original price $24.99
    Current price $17.99
    $17.99 - $17.99
    Current price $17.99

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you store a Tesla charging cable?
If you have the Mobile Connector, it comes with a carrying bag where it should be stored. Simply roll up the cable and put it inside the bag, including the accessories that came with the connector. The Mobile Connector comes with both a NEMA 5-15 adapter and a NEMA 14-50 adapter, which makes it possible to be directly plugged into the standard home outlet.

The Wall Connector already comes with a wall mount and organizer to keep your charger and accessories neat and tidy. If you want the same experience with your Mobile Connector, check out the Lectron Charger Mount and Cable Organizer.

Where do you put the Tesla Wall Connector?
The Tesla Wall Connector is best put in your garage or near where you park your Tesla. Though the Wall Connector has a 24-foot long cable, it's ideal that you install the charger near your parking spot.

Can I install the Tesla Wall Connector myself?
Yes, you can install a Tesla Wall Connector by yourself as the third generation Tesla Wall Connector is designed for easy installation. Read the installation manual that comes with the unit and check the Tesla website for more information.

Does Tesla provide a Wall Connector?
No, Tesla Motors does not provide a Wall Connector with a purchase of a Tesla. Up until April 2022, the car manufacturer included a Mobile Connector with a purchase of any Tesla model. You'll now have to buy one separately from Tesla' website or from a trusted third-party manufacturer like Lectron.

Products sold by Lectron, including the Charger Mount and Cable Organizer, are covered with a 1 year warranty. If any of the products fail to meet your expectations, get in touch with the customer service team and they will try to resolve the issue. If they can't resolve the problem to your satisfaction, you will get a full refund or replacement - no questions asked.

Lectron is not connected in any way to Tesla Motors.


Tesla Cable Organizer

For Tesla owners, it's hard to avoid the added clutter caused by tangled charging cables.

Most Tesla chargers are around 20 feet long, which is enough to reach across a standard two-car garage, but is also enough to cause some serious clutter! Aside from being a tripping hazard, the thick cables can also become a big mess that can stick out like a sore thumb.

While the Tesla Wall Connector comes with a cable holder organizer, the Mobile Connector, which is what majority of Tesla users have, does not have cable holder anywhere. Thankfully, Lectron has come up with a Tesla charger adapter holder and cable organizer specially designed for compatibility with Tesla Models S/3/X/Y.

Product Description

This Tesla charger cable organizer is designed to securely hold your Tesla charger and electrical cords for more organized safekeeping, and protects the charging interface from dirt, dust, and damage.

The Lectron Tesla Charging Cable Organizer helps you manage your charging cable hassle-free, and the wall mount lets you wrap or hang the charging cable holder organizer itself, preventing it from being kinked or tangled and keeping your space organized.

Hanging the charger on its own increases the chances of wearing and tearing as the cable dangles on its own weight. It makes it all too easy for your small kid or pet to come by, knock it down, and do 'who knows what' with it! Instead of hooking it to a piece of wood or metal that could damage the cable, hanging it onto a dedicated holder can take away the strain from the Mobile Connector's adapter. The mount even protects the charging nozzle on rainy or snowy days, keeping it covered from foreign objects and moisture that might affect its charging capabilities or worse, endanger the user.

The charger mount is 100% compatible with the Tesla charging nozzle and tested to make sure the fit is snug and secure. With the elegant all-black design, the organizer maintains the premium look that the Tesla branding is well-known for. This Tesla charger holder is the perfect addition to your collection of Tesla vehicle accessories. While it may be a simple accessory, keeping your charger safe is crucial in having a great user experience.

Technical Details

The Lectron Charger Mount and Cable Organizer for Tesla Model X, Model S, Model 3, and Model Y chargers is made of high-grade, rugged materials which can last over longer periods of time. Included in the total price of the package is a plate that attaches onto the wall using the two screws and two anchors provided. The mount easily slides onto the wall plate and securely holds the weight of your Tesla charger.

Tesla Model Compatibility

The Lectron Charger Mount and Cable Organizer is compatible with Level 1 and Level 2 chargers for Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y. It's not compatible with a standard J1772 EV charger.

How to install the Cable Organizer

Installing Lectron Charger Mount and Cable Organizer is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply attach the bottom plate onto the wall using the two screws and two anchors provided, then slide the charger mount onto it. Once you have installed the charging cable holder, organize your cable and hook it into the organizer, then latch the charging nozzle onto the mount.

Pros of having a Cable Organizer for your Tesla

  • Better Organization. No one wants a cluttered site. Having a cable organizer ensures you don't have a messy-looking garage. You can simply hook the cables to the mount and latch the nozzle into the charger holder.

  • Tangle-Free. The 20-foot cable is no use if parts of it are tangled up. The cable organizer keeps your Tesla charger from being kinked or tangled, so you won't have a hard time unraveling the cable every time you're charging.

  • Damage-Free. Without a wall mount, your Tesla charger is either bundled up inside a drawer or lying on the ground. This exposes the charger to foreign objects like dust and moisture from rainwater or snow. With this cable organizer, the nozzle is securely latched onto the mount, serving as the charger's protection from any damage aside from normal wear and tear.

  • Hazard-Free. A 20-foot heavy duty cable all tangled up on the floor is a disaster waiting to happen. Aside from being a tripping hazard, by letting your charger lie on the ground, you're exposing it to possible tears and cracks from friction, which could expose the wires inside the protective covering. While the Tesla Mobile Connector has a good quality cable, continuous bending and coiling, as well as exposure to natural elements, can break this protective covering. Having exposed wires is a safety hazard, especially if you have curious toddlers always fiddling around the garage.

Cons of having a Cable Organizer for your Tesla

  • You have a few less inches of space to hang your Van Halen and David Hasselhoff posters.