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We learn about Lectron's new Vortex Adapter that lets most electric vehicles use Tesla Supercharger

Original Post Date: Dec 13, 2023
Source: Game-News24
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If you bought a electric vehicle (EV) in the last few years that isn’t based on Tesla, then this makes sense to at least be somewhat disappointed when every notable manufacturer has found out why many companies are switching onto North American Charging Standard.

That’s where Lectron pushed the Vortex Plug. The Tesla Supercharger-to–CCS adapter claims to be capable of enabling vehicles who have adopted the Tesla Charging Standard in order not only can access the Superchargement giants’ megaband network, but also provide additional services. Most modern electric cars don’t work like Teslas use CCS plug-in systems (mostly the DC model is phased out).

The brands that are included in the list include BMW, Fisker. Ford: GM/Rodel; Hyundai-Merceda (Clean), Nissan and Toyota de Barraquerto. Lectron says the port is five times faster than 500 volts (for instance 1000 V) and it can charge up to 121 km in 15 minutes.

Is this adapter actually working with reliable strength? It still remains unclear. It is important to be aware that some EV manufacturers, including Ford plan on using their cars’ Supercharger and CCS autos as the standard adapters.

As an iniq 5 owner with a CCS charging port, I’m very interested to this adapter. But since there are so many Tesla Superchargers around here that share my area more common standards and characteristics of the carpark (Bisman). In case of a large problem, I would likely not use the Vortex Plug very frequently. But when we don’t have any standard chargers there might be some handy tools available for this task!

The Lectrons Vortex Plug costs $285 (approx. $386) CAD currently on display price point 386 euros

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