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Tesla J1772 wall connector relaunches with universal at-home charging for multiple electric vehicles

Original Post Date: October 18, 2022
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After bringing its CCS adapter to US soil from South Korea, Tesla now expands its interoperable charging standards roster of devices with a new US$550 wall connector. The J1772 plug has been relaunched in a new form that allows it to charge a plethora of non-Tesla vehicles at home as well.

The new J1772 wall connector can charge anything (image: Tesla)

Tesla keeps introducing adapters and connectors that increase the interoperability of its electric vehicle charging technology with more common standards, as required by the new US government guidelines. After re-launching its CCS adapter on US soil and allowing for cheaper third-party alternatives like the one made by Lectron, Tesla now outs a wall connector that can charge non-Tesla cars at home.

The new Tesla J1772 Wall Connector price is set at US$550, and it can charge multiple electric vehicles at once. Tesla calls it "a convenient charging solution for Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicles alike" that is "ideal for houses, apartments, hospitality properties and workplaces." Equipped with the standard 24-foot cable that Tesla's proprietary wall connector also has, the J1772 unit can add up to 44 miles of range for an hour of charging.

Tesla's J1772 Wall Connector is a re-launch, too, just like its CCS adapter that has been available for two years in South Korea before it was brought to the US. Tesla had the cross-platform wall connector for a brief cameo on its web store last year, but the solution was quickly phased out for some reason. Its current reincarnation can be installed both indoors or outdoors by a qualified electrician and offers the convenience of at-home charging for multiple electric vehicle brands, in case such a divers stable is present in one's household.

Those Tesla owners who have no need for the new J1772 Wall Connector and its operability can opt to save some money and only get Tesla's proprietary wall connector for much less instead.

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