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Lectron’s New CCS Adapter For Tesla DC Charging Undercuts Tesla’s Price By $51

Original Post Date: Oct 13, 2022
Source: Torque News
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Update February 2023: Please note that the prices have been lowered for the products in this story. You can read more here.

Lectron has just announced that it now offers a CCS charging adapter so that Tesla owners can plug into non-Tesla DC fast chargers (DCFCs). This adapter will allow Tesla owners to enjoy charging at thousands of public DCFCs across America.

The new Lectron CCS Tesla adapter is presently priced at $199.00. That is $51 less than Tesla’s own CCS adapter priced at $250. Lectron also allows shoppers to pay in four installments of $49.99. Lectron sells the adapter directly on its U.S. online retail page.

Lectron says that the adapter can handle charging rates of up to 150 kW, but we should note the station’s power may be less, and we have not independently verified this rate of charging is possible.

If you own a Tesla in America, you likely know more about charging than most motor press members do, so we won’t speak down to our readership about how such an adapter works. Suffice it to say, public DCFC chargers are not superior to Tesla Superchargers, but when on a roadtrip any port in a storm is the motto, or perhaps ABS, always be charging, is more appropriate here. An adapter like this vastly expands the fast charging options for a Tesla owner on the go.

We spoke directly with representatives for Lectron, who told Torque news that this product is ready to go and that orders placed today should be filled by the end of October.

If you purchase and use a Lectron CCS to Tesla adapter, please use our comments section below to detail your user experience.

This is not a paid placement, and Torque News has received no compensation or free products in return for its publication. However, your author has been a long-time happy owner of a Lectron Level 2 home charger.

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