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Cheaper Tesla CCS adapter by Lectron allows Model 3/Y/S/X charging at more than 5,000 non-Supercharger stations

Original Post Date: October 14, 2022
Source: NoteBook Check
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Tesla now has a formidable competitor to its newly released in the US CCS charging adapter. Crafted by Lectron, the maker of quality EV charging systems and various adapter plugs, it undercuts the official Tesla CCS adapter in price and lets Tesla owners charge at networks like EVgo or Electrify America.

The recently unveiled official Tesla CCS adapter now has a direct competitor made by Lectron which, priced at US$199, is much cheaper. Tesla's CCS adapter allows its owners to top up at non-Supercharger networks like those of Electrify America or EVgo. Tesla actually had it released in markets like South Korea long before it was brought to its US store, perhaps to preempt any EV charging standards interoperability mandate by the US government.

Aptly called the Lectron CCS to Tesla Adapter, the new plug makes your Model 3/Y/S/X interoperable with more than 5,000 existing stations in the US that comply with the Common Charging Standard (CCS). Lectron says that its new adapter allows for up to 150 kWh charging speeds, depending on the particular pile's output capability, or Tesla's restrictions. Lectron's Tesla DC charging adapter is rated at 500V and 300A and has a real-time temperature monitoring sensors to ensure current reduction or cutoff if the conditions get extreme.

With the US$1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed last year, President Biden’s administration included a US$7.5 billion provision for a nationwide network of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations in cities, along highways, and in rural areas. Back in the summer, the White House summoned auto industry execs to brief them on the scope of the project, with even Tesla's Elon Musk invited for a change.

Since then, Tesla has unveiled the CCS adapter and promised to open its Supercharger network for other electric vehicles while it applied for and got grants for new interoperable stations which might sport some version of its Magic Docks that leaked not long ago.

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