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Why every Tesla owner needs a CCS adapter

Why every Tesla owner needs a CCS adapter

Tesla Superchargers are a victim of their own success.

They are powerful, sleek, and located in population centers. They have become so popular, in fact, that despite their speed, Tesla drivers sometimes need to wait in line for hours to even use one! 

I know a Tesla driver from Honolulu who said he can definitely access one of the 6 Superchargers in town… if he goes at 2 a.m… on a weekday! 

To add insult to what feels like injury for Tesla drivers, the company is quickly moving in the direction of less exclusivity – recently rebranding the Tesla connector as the North American Charging Standard, and allowing other manufacturers to include it in their vehicles. Not to mention opening its Supercharging network directly to other EVs in select European cities back in November of 2021.

We have the solution

Tesla drivers in the US need an alternative DC fast-charging option, or risk relying only on slower AC chargers.

That’s why Lectron made the powerful CCS to Tesla Adapter.

This adapter lets you access any CCS charger in the US. 

It allows charging up to 150 kWh, which can charge your Tesla in about 30 minutes.

It’s small and compact, so you can keep it in your glove box and just pop it on when you get to a CCS fast charger.  

When will I use it?

It’s perfect for road trips. As I mentioned above, Tesla Superchargers tend to be in heavily populated areas (Las Angeles, San Francisco, New York). When outside of these areas, it’s important to be prepared to access a CCS fast charger. 

It’s also perfect for when there’s a long line at the Supercharger. With the Lectron CCS to Tesla adapter, my friend in Honolulu can drive right past those 6 occupied Superchargers, and charge quickly at one of the 32 CCS fast chargers throughout the city.

And look – we all have our preferences. I know other Tesla drivers who are biased toward Superchargers because the handle has a more minimalist design. Aesthetics aside, I think we can all agree that it’s best to be prepared for any and all charging standards the road throws at you. 

With the Lectron CCS to Tesla adapter, you can ensure that you always have a DC fast charging option available to you. Make range anxiety a thing of the past. Pick up your CCS adapter today!


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