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Road tripping in your Ioniq 5? Stay connected with the Lectron V2L Adapter

Road tripping in your Ioniq 5? Stay connected with the Lectron V2L Adapter

Many smart people believe that the Hyundai Ioniq 5 was the best EV released in 2022.

And for good reason. With excellent range performance, a head-turning design, and a modest price tag, the Ioniq 5 is certainly unique in its class. 

One of the coolest features of this powerhouse of an EV is that it literally houses power. You can turn your charge port into a standard AC wall outlet and use the electricity stored in your EV battery to power your devices, appliances, or anything else that uses a standard AC plug!

All you need is the Lectron V2L Adapter.

Think of the possibilities

With the Lectron V2L Adapter, the world is truly your playground. 

Want to light up a party in the desert? Power a projector at the beach? Plug in a mini fridge while camping? No need to rent a generator – you’re driving one!

The Lectron V2L Adapter provides up to 15 amps and 3.6 kWh of AC power for your devices and small appliances, which is more than enough to keep them powered for hours (without depleting their car’s DC power supply).

It’s also enough to help a friend in need. The Lectron V2L Adapter enables you to plug in a Level 1 charger and charge to another EV! So, when you’re on that EV road trip and someone in your caravan runs low on juice, you can lend a helping hand!

In contrast to the Hyundai OEM V2L adapter, the Lectron version is much more compact. It’s also lighter, less bulky, and sits at a significantly lower price tag. The Hyundai model costs a whopping $550, while the Lectron adapter currently costs only $119.99 – less than a quarter of the price!

Power your lifestyle

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a huge step forward in EV technology. Not only can you go farther (220 - 303 miles of estimated range), but with the Lectron V2L Adapter you can stay connected like never before. 

You are no longer confined to the power grid when you need to plug in your devices.  You are free to go wherever the road takes you and are only limited by your own creativity. With the Ioniq 5 and Lectron V2L Adapter, the world is truly your playground!

What would YOU power with the Lectron V2L Adapter?

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