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How to Use Lectron’s Tesla-to-J1772 Adapter to Charge Your EV Lectron EV

How to Use Lectron’s Tesla-to-J1772 Adapter to Charge Your EV

Picture this scenario: You're on a road trip in your EV and notice that your battery is running low. Fortunately, you spot a nearby public charging station.

However, upon closer inspection, you realize it's a Tesla charging station, which is incompatible with your car. In that moment, you start contemplating how you'll reach a different charging station before your battery depletes entirely.

Thankfully, there's a solution that can put your worries to rest. The Lectron Tesla to J1772 Charging Adapter is here to save the day. This adapter allows J1772-compatible EVs to charge at any of the 15,000 Tesla charging stations nationwide. It can handle up to 48 Amps of current and 250 Volts of maximum voltage, providing a reliable and efficient charging experience.

Here's a simple guide on how to charge your EV with the Adapter:

Step 1: Connect the adapter to the Tesla charging station

Start by connecting the J1772 adapter to the Tesla charging plug until you hear and feel it click into place.

Step 2: Plug into your car’s charging port
Wait for about 30 seconds to allow the charger to recognize the adapter, then plug it into your car's charging port.
Step 3: Monitor the charging progress
Check your car's dashboard to ensure that it is charging properly.
If you encounter any issues, here are two troubleshooting tips:
  1. With the charger still plugged in, push your car's power button as if you were starting the car. This should enable charging. Press the power button again to turn the car off, as this will maintain the charging flow.
  2. Use your EV's app to activate charging remotely.

Step 3: Disconnect the adapter
Once charging is complete, unplug the adapter from the charging port. Press the release button on the adapter to release it from the charging port, and then disconnect the adapter from the charger.
It's important to note that our adapter is compatible only with Tesla High Powered Wall Connectors, all generations of Destination Chargers, and Mobile Connectors.

It is important to verify the charging station's specifications and compatibility with your EV before initiating the charging process.

The Lectron Tesla to J1772 Charging Adapter offers a convenient and user-friendly solution for EV owners who want to charge at Tesla charging stations. With this adapter, you can enjoy the flexibility of charging your EV at most public or private charging stations, giving you the freedom to travel further and keep your EV charged wherever you go.

Experience the ease and flexibility of the Lectron Tesla to J1772 Charging Adapter today!

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