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FAQ for Commercial Charger

  • FAQ for Operators
  • 1. How to create a charging station?

    1.1 Operator users send the following information to our technical support

    a. The order number from the order record where this operator purchased the charger.

    b. Email address (for login) and company name.

    c. The name of the charging station that will be created.

    d. Country and region where the charging station is located.

    e. The full address of the charging station (make sure it is authentic and accurate).

    f. Device id and device account number of all chargers purchased.

    1.2 Within 1-2 days, operator users will receive the following email reply information: Login email and login password (be sure to change the password immediately after the first login and keep it safe). At this point, the user can use this login email address and password to log in to the management background:

    1.3 After successfully logging in to the management background, please check whether there is any error in the longitude and latitude of the charging station, and set the charger's business hours and segmented pricing information.

    img img

    1.4 Then generate a QR code, bind the uuid of the charger, download the QR code, print it into a paper file, and paste it on the associated charger. After that, the end user can download the App to scan the QR code to pay for charging.

  • 2. How to add a small number of chargers to the charging station?

    2.1 Log in to the Lectron Smart Charger Platform:

    2.2 Go to Interoperability to add a device.

    img img

    2.3 Select a charging station, enter the device id and device account, click the OK button, and the charger will be added successfully.

  • 3. How to add chargers to a charging station in batches?

    3.1 Select “Batch import devices”.

    3.2 Download the device import template.

    3.3 Enter the device id and device account of all chargers in two columns in the template.

    3.4 Select the charging station, click to upload the template file, click the OK button, and then successfully add all the chargers in batches.

  • 4. How to generate a QR code and bind it to a specified charger?

    4.1 Generate QR code.

    4.2 Enter the number of generated QR codes.

    4.3 The newly generated QR code is not yet associated with the uuid of the charger; click the “associate UUID” button.

    4.4 Enter the charger uuid and click the OK button.

    4.5 The QR code is associated with the charger. Then click the download QR code button to download the QR code picture, print it out, and paste it on the charger to start charging by scanning the QR code.

    4.6 The charger uuid can be viewed on the following two pages.

  • 5. How do operators withdraw cash?

    5.1 Operators first log in to the Lectron Smart Charger Platform, then go to Order Manage - Billing Center - Apply for Settlement.

    5.2 Select the order to be settled, and then click the Apply for Settlement button.

    5.3 At this time, the Lectron company administrator will receive your settlement application and review the amount details according to the comprehensive data in the settlement statement details.

    5.4 After the review is approved, we will contact you and confirm the statement information with you; consequently, we will obtain your bank card information and transfer the money to your bank card. After the transfer is complete, the statement will be marked as ‘Settled’. The processing time of all procedures will be completed within one week.

  • 6. How to upgrade the firmware of the charger?

    6.1 Log in to your Lectron Smart Charger Platform account.

    6.2 Find the page which shows all your chargers.

    6.3 Click the detail from the charger which you want to upgrade

    6.4 Click the Firmware upgrade to begin an upgrade.

    6.5 Click the Upgrade to begin.

    6.6 Points to consider about previous steps

    6.6.1 When the Status shows “No upgrade required”, it means that your charger’s firmware has been upgraded, and you don’t need to upgrade it until the next version release.

    6.6.2 When the Status shows “Upgradeable”, it means that you need to click the Upgrade to upgrade your charger’s firmware.

    6.6.3 When the Status shows “Upgrade Failed” when you upgrade your charger, you can ask our engineer to look into the matter.

  • 7. How to reboot the charger?

    7.1 Login to your Lectron Smart Charger Platform account

    7.2 Click the Interoperability

    7.3 Click the ocpp Manage Service

    7.4 Click the Reboot

    7.5 Wait for the charger to reboot

  • 8. How do I customize the electricity price?

    8.1 Login Lectron Smart Charger Platform

    8.2 Click ‘charging stations’——‘charging stations’——‘choose your station’——‘...’——‘electricity management’

    8.3 You can change the old price or add another new price.

    8.4 Edit old price:

    8.5 Add another new price:

  • 9. How to refund the order?

    9.1 Click Order Manage and then click Billings

    9.2 Find the order which you want to refund

    9.3 When you refund an order, be careful that it means you will fully refund this order. Please confirm the order before you refund it. If you still want a refund, click the “Refund’’ button.

    9.4 Refund complete

    9.5 Points to consider about previous steps

    9.5.1. When the refund is complete, the Refund Status will show “refunded”.

    9.5.2. Refunds will only refund the full amount of the order, and partial refunds cannot be made. Partial refunds need to be processed by manual bank card transfer.

  • 10. How to set the maximum power of the charger?

    10.1 Function is still under development.

  • 11. How to make a charger to connect to WIFI?

    11.1 Connect the hotspot from charger : ‘EVC*********’

    11.2 Launch the browser and go to the ‘’ website

    11.3 Enter ‘username’ and ‘password’:admin / admin, and log in

    11.4 Find the ‘WIFI’ option,enter your WIFI ‘name’ and ‘password’, click ‘submit’

    11.5 Reboot the charger

  • FAQ for App Users
  • 1. How do I use this charger to charge?

    1.1 Plug the electric charging gun into your EV

    1.2 Launch ‘Lectron’ APP, and press the ‘scan’ button to scan the QR code of the charger

    1.3 Press the ‘start charging’ button

    1.4 After charging is completed or if you want to stop, press ‘stop’ button to pay the bill

  • 2. How do App Users Withdraw their Balance?

    2.1 App users only need to apply for cash withdrawal on the App and enter their bank card information. The administrator of Lectron will receive the user's withdrawal application request. Correspondingly, the administrator will review the information and transfer the money to the user's bank card according to the user's bank card information. The processing time for all procedures will be within one week.

  • 3. How to give feedback on abnormal orders or apply for a refund?

    3.1 If you have questions about the charged order or need to apply for a refund, click the Report Fault button on the order details page on the APP.

    3.2 You can submit feedback information or refund bank card information to us through the following page

    3.3 Lectron administrators will receive your feedback. For the feedback on the refund, the administrator will review your question, and after the review is approved, the refund will be transferred to your bank card. The entire processing time for the procedure will be within a week.

  • 4. How to download the APP?

    4.1 Please use your mobile phone to scan the following QR code

  • 5. Which payment channels can I use to pay my bill?

    5.1 Currently, we use ‘Paypal’ and ‘Stripe’, both supporting binding credit card payments.

  • 6. How to bind a credit card in the payment interface?

    6.1 Click Payment

    6.2 Log in to your account and click the login button

    6.3 Click to add a new card

    6.4 Fill in all information and save