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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NEMA 6-20 Connector?

The NEMA 6-20 connector is a type of electrical connector used in North America for 240-volt electrical circuits. It is a two-pole, three-wire grounding connector that is rated for up to 20 Amps of current at 240 volts.

It is commonly used for industrial and commercial applications, such as powering power tools, equipment, and lighting. It is also commonly used as an outlet for Level 2 charging of electric vehicles.

How Does The NEMA 6-20 Connector Work?

The NEMA 6-20 connector works by connecting two wires to form an electrical line connection. The inlet features three prongs, one of which is a ground wire that both provides a safe path for electricity and helps protect the user from electric shock. The other two prongs are hot or live and neutral, which carry the current between the device and the power source.

NEMA 6-20 compared to other NEMA Connectors
The NEMA 6-20 connector is rated for up to 20 Amps. As such, it is one of the most powerful of the NEMA connectors. This is compared to a NEMA 6-15 connector, which is capable of 15 Amps, and a NEMA 5-15 connector, which is rated for only 15 Amps.

How do we tell the difference between NEMA Plugs and Connectors?

When researching the different types of NEMA plugs and connectors, it's important to distinguish between the two. Fortunately, both are interchangeable. NEMA plugs are the three-pronged devices that fit into a wall receptacle, while NEMA connectors are the devices that connect an appliance's cord to a powered supply, and vice versa.

Can a NEMA 6-15 Device be connected to a NEMA 6-20 receptacle?
Yes, it is possible to connect a NEMA 6-15 device to a NEMA 6-20 socket or receptacle. A 6-20 socket can easily accommodate a 6-15 plug, as it will not draw more than 15 Amps when plugged into a 6-20 receptacle. It is important to remember that 6-15 devices will be limited to 15 Amps when connected.



Welcome to your guide to NEMA 6-20! If you’re unfamiliar, NEMA 6-20 is a type of electrical plug and outlet used for higher amperage applications. It’s commonly found in industrial environments and a must-know for anyone working with electrical equipment.

This guide will walk you through the basics of this powerful connection and give you the knowledge to safely use your 6-20 plug.

What Are NEMA Plugs?

NEMA stands for “National Electrical Manufacturers Association” and is a standard for electrical cords and receptacles. NEMA plugs ensure compatibility between various types of appliances, fixtures, and equipment.

Commercial and Industrial Settings

There are several NEMA types that vary in voltage and amperage levels, with the NEMA 6-20P plug being one of the highest ratings available at 20a 250v. It’s used in commercial and industrial settings and for appliances that need more power than the standard household outlet and can handle up to 20 amps.

NEMA 6-20 Description: Blades and Ground Pin

The NEMA 6-20P consists of two flat blades, a neutral conductor, and a ground pin. One blade is wider than the other to ensure correct installation into a single receptacle, as there is a specific orientation for the power cords.

Variations of Power Cords

There are different variants of the 6-20, such as the NEMA 6-20P and NEMA 6-20R. Most of these wired cords have a lead time of two weeks.

Features of NEMA 6-20

The key feature of the NEMA 6-20P is its high amperage rating of 250 volts. This makes the 20a 250v cord suitable for heavy-duty loads and industrial equipment, such as electric welding equipment or powerful motors.

Safety Additions

As a tamper-resistant receptacle, there's a twisted locking mechanism that provides a secure connection between the plug and receptacle, preventing accidental disconnections. Because of this and its superior wiring, 6-20 straight blade connectors are hospital-grade.

Because of the high amperage rating, the 250-volt NEMA 6-20P is compatible with a wide range of electrical devices and tools. It can be used to power everything from commercial-grade appliances to electric lawnmowers.

Moreover, it’s commonly used for extension cords and multi-outlet strips, allowing you to easily power large numbers of devices in the same location.

How Does It Work?

The 6-20 connector works by connecting two wires together to form an electrical connection. It features three prongs, one of which is a grounding wire that both provides a safe path for electricity and helps protect the user from electric shock.

The other two horizontal prongs are the hot and neutral wires, which carry the current between the device and the source of power. The hot wire carries the current into the device while the neutral wire returns it back to the source.'

Making Contact

In order for a connection to be made, these three prongs must all fit together snugly in an appropriate 6-20 single receptacle or outlet. This ensures that there's contact and electricity can flow safely between the two components without any disruption.

Special Considerations

Once connected, the device can then be powered up and used accordingly. It’s important to note that NEMA 6-20R connectors are only rated for a maximum of 20 amps, so it’s important not to exceed this current limit. This helps ensure the safety of both the user and the device in question.