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Lectron Joins Raiven Marketplace

Lectron, a company specializing in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has been added to Raiven's Marketplace as a supplier and manufacturer. Lectron offers a range of affordable and efficient level 1 and level 2 EV charging stations and accessories. Their mission is to make EV charging fast, easy, and affordable without compromising on quality.

Lectron's level 2 V-Box chargers come with features such as a vibrant LED display for real-time monitoring of voltage, charging time, temperature, and grounding indicators. They also provide a variety of EV charging accessories, adapters, and NEMA plugs, including Tesla chargers and adapters.

Lectron's devices are built to last, with the V-Box boasting an IP55 weatherproof rating, protection against circuit board overheating, leakages, overloading, and lightning, and built-in shock protection for wet conditions.

By joining Raiven's Marketplace, Lectron brings reliable EV charging solutions to Raiven's members. This move also supports Raiven's mission of achieving a carbon-free future and America's electrification goals.

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Dec 13, 2022, 11:32 ET

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, US, December 13, 2022 -- Raiven, a leader in purchasing, procurement, and supply chain management, has announced the addition of Lectron to their growing list of suppliers and manufacturers in their purchasing platform. Lectron offers an innovative, efficient, and affordable lineup of level 1 and level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and accessories. The addition of Lectron to Raiven’s Marketplace will bring a new array of dependable EV charging solutions to all of Raiven’s members.


With a wide variety of advanced, yet affordable EV charging stations under their label, Lectron is on a mission to make at-home EV charging solutions accessible to all drivers without compromising on power, design, or efficiency. Their sleek, easy-to-install designs are compatible with any J1772 electric vehicle and contain all the features one would expect from a high-end EV charging station.

Lectron’s level 2 “V-Box” chargers don a vibrant LED display where users can view, in real time, the station’s current voltage, charging time, temperature, and grounding indicator. Their designs come in both a 40 and a 48-amp models, each with multiple different output amperage settings to choose from as well.

And Lectron carries a wide selection of EV charging accessories, adapters, and NEMA plugs. Including Tesla chargers and adapters compatible with J1772 chargers. With Lectron’s premium charging stations, chargers, and adapters, you have all the power you need to drive on confidently, without range anxiety or compatibility issues.


In addition to offering the standard power distribution capabilities of a level 2 charger, Lectron’s devices are impressively durable. Their V-Box models have an IP55 weatherproof rating and are constructed with all climates in mind. They also feature thorough monitoring systems to protect against circuit board overheating, leakages, overheating, current and voltage overloading, and are even lightening proof.

All Lectron models include built-in shock protection to allow for charging in wet conditions and are constructed from high-grade materials, making them some of the safest and most reliable chargers on the market.


Lectron is the latest in a growing number of manufacturers & supplier to join the Raiven Marketplace, joining the ranks of Grainger, Graybar, Ferguson, Carrier, Office Depot & more. The Raiven stable of suppliers & manufacturers offer the products, parts, equipment, and supplies needed most by contractors, building owners, and facility managers. To join the Marketplace, each supplier must offer quality products and commit to real-time product availability, transparent pricing, and discounts of 7-25% or more.

We are happy to welcome Lectron to the Raiven Marketplace,” says Raiven CEO Brett Knox, “Their chargers are an exciting addition to the growing lineup of fast and reliable EV chargers offered to the electrical contractors and installers in our network. This is an example of Raiven’s mission to provide our contractors with immediate access to all of the electrification technologies needed to achieve a carbon-free future and achieve America’s electrification goals.

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