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Imperium3 New York Buys Lectron Chargers Lectron EV

Imperium3 New York Buys Lectron Chargers

Leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer, Imperium3 (im3NY), has recently ordered several electric vehicle chargers from Lectron. This order underscores iM3NY’s commitment to providing clean energy solutions for its customers and business operations.

Imperium3 NY is a major producer of lithium-ion batteries in the US and is on a mission to lead the world into an era of clean energy. At its massive 235-thousand square foot Gigafactory in Endicott, New York (which is powered by 95% clean electricity), it employs over 230 people and produces over 50 battery cells every 5 minutes.

The Lectron chargers offer the latest in EV charging technology. With such features as real-time monitoring, weather protection, and a seamless user experience, our chargers will provide iM3NY staff members with a fast and reliable solution for charging their cars at work. 

Lectron is proud to serve iM3NY’s EV charging needs and is committed to providing fast and reliable charging solutions for all EV drivers, regardless of EV type. 

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