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What is Cheaper – Buying Gasoline or Charging an Electric Car? Lectron EV

What is Cheaper – Buying Gasoline or Charging an Electric Car?

There are so many opinions and feelings floating around. Vicious attacks on web forums from both camps - ICE fans and EV heads. But what is actually cheaper - gas or electric?

The cost of charging an electric vehicle depends on several factors, including the size of the car’s battery, the local cost of electricity, and how much electricity the car consumes when it is being charged. In general, it costs less to charge an electric car than it does to buy gasoline for a traditional car. 

To get a more specific estimate of the cost to charge an EV, you can use an online cost calculator. These calculators typically ask for the make and model of the electric car, the local cost of electricity, and the distance you plan to drive. They will then estimate the local cost to charge the car’s battery and the cost per mile. 

One of the most cost-effective electric car chargers on the market is the Lectron V-BOX in-home charging station. This Level 2 charger provides up to 48 amps (hardwired) and 240 volts, with a charging rate of 11.52 kW. The V-BOX charges up to 46 miles of range per hour – fully charging the average EV in approximately six hours. 

It has a charging cost of 17 kWh, which is significantly lower than its competitive models from companies like Grizzl-E, ChargePoint, WallBox, or JuiceBox. 

The Lectron V-BOX is currently on sale for just $449.99. For fast, easy, and affordable EV charging from the comfort of your home, pick up your Lectron V-BOX today!

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