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The Most Convenient Tesla Charger on the Market

The best Tesla charger on the market

Teslas account for over half of the EVs on the road today ( While Tesla has taken the initiative to build out its own charging infrastructure, it isn’t nearly enough to satisfy the charging demands of all the Teslas on the road. 

What’s more, most Tesla charging options are in dense population centers or along busy interstates, ignoring more rural areas altogether — thus making it much harder to take the road less traveled by.


With limited and sparse charging options, Tesla drivers need a portable, powerful, and dependable charging solution. Meet the Lectron Tesla Portable Charger. With this convenient and powerful charger, Tesla drivers no longer need to solely depend on the 15,000 Tesla charging destinations (Tesla) thinly spread across the country. They can pull up, plug in, and charge from practically anywhere!

Often when purchasing a charger, drivers are forced to sacrifice either convenience or speed. For example, a Level 1 charger plugs into a typical wall outlet (just like your phone charger), making it super easy to find an EV power source. On the other hand, a Level 2 charger plugs into a hefty appliance outlet (just like your washing machine), which can supply EVs with even more power, for faster charging times.

The new Lectron Tesla charger is truly the best of both worlds. Designed to give Tesla drivers the freedom to travel far beyond the beaten path, it comes equipped with interchangeable Level 1 and Level 2 charging plugs. Tesla drivers can power their EVs from either a NEMA 5-15 (16 amp) or a NEMA 14-50 (32 amp) wall outlet — for ultimate charging convenience.

This portable Tesla charger doesn’t skimp on the details either. It includes an extra-long 21-foot cable, for maximum reach across garages and driveways. It also features a heavy-duty, weatherproof casing, a sturdy handle, and a user-friendly LED screen that is simple, clear, and easy to read — even at a glance!

Drivers should not be limited by a lack of adequate charging options, nor should they have their entire trips mapped out by someone else, dictating where they are able to go. With this charger, Tesla drivers finally have the freedom to go wherever they want and can truly chart their own course!

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