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The Lectron NEMA Socket Splitter: More Convenient, Less Expensive Lectron EV

The Lectron NEMA Socket Splitter: More Convenient, Less Expensive

If you want to charge your car quickly at home, you need a Level 2 charger. A Level 2 charger plugs into a high-powered NEMA outlet (often NEMA 14-50). And while you may have ONE high-powered NEMA outlet already installed in your garage or laundry room to power your big appliances, you probably don’t have two. 

Your only option is to constantly plug and unplug these fat NEMA cords every time you want to charge your car or do a load of laundry. Not practical.

Before you go Googling local electricians for a costly NEMA installation, Lectron has a better solution: introducing the Lectron NEMA Socket Splitter.

Convert one outlet into two

This NEMA socket splitter, also known as a power splitter or electrical adapter, allows you to convert a single electrical outlet into multiple outlets. So, you can easily switch between running the laundry and charging your EV – minus all that annoying cord swapping.

The Lectron NEMA Socket Splitter can help you by:

  1. More convenience: With the Lectron NEMA Socket Splitter, you no longer have to constantly unplug and switch out hefty cables to use a single outlet. Instead, you can easily connect your EV charger and high-powered appliance simultaneously.
  2. Saving money: This power splitter saves you money by eliminating the need to install a dedicated NEMA outlet for your EV charger (which can cost upwards of $1500).
  3. Less circuit load: This NEMA splitter lets you enjoy the power and convenience of a secondary high-powered NEMA outlet without worrying about overloading the circuit.

The Lectron NEMA Socket Splitter currently comes in two versions: A NEMA 14-50 wall outlet to a 14-50 primary and 14-50 secondary outlet, and a NEMA 10-30 wall outlet to a 10-30 primary and 10-30 secondary outlet.

The power of convenience

If you are looking to add another high-powered NEMA socket to your home, but don’t want to spend a fortune, overload your circuit, or waste energy, the Lectron NEMA Socket Splitter is the perfect solution for you. 

Enjoy the speed and power of Level 2 charging at home with the convenience of the Lectron NEMA Socket Splitter. Order yours today!

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