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Charge your non-Tesla Electric Vehicle Using any Tesla Charging Station!

Charge your non-Tesla electric vehicle using any Tesla charging station!

It's Tesla's world, at least it would seem so, wouldn’t it? With so many Tesla chargers out there, you may be wondering: can other cars use Tesla chargers? Don’t worry; Lectron is here to clear things up! The Lectron J1772 Adapter allows you to charge J1772 EVs with a Level 1 or Level 2 Tesla Charger!

The adapter is compact in size yet built to last with high-quality and durable materials. It easily plugs into your electric car on one end and into the Tesla charger on the other, granting you access to public Tesla charging stations. When used with a level 2 charging station, this adapter enables fast charging for your vehicle, providing an impressive rate of 25-40 miles of battery life per hour.

Below is a quick installation guide by Gregg from GregglesTV on YouTube as well as a quick review of the product.

How to use the adapter:

Connect to Tesla Charger: Press the red button on the Tesla charger side to release the cap on the adapter and keep it pressed when sliding it onto the Tesla charger.

Plug into your vehicle: Take the charging end and plug it directly into your electric car, use the grey lever to release the charger once done. 

Why buy this adapter? Teslas are some of the most popular cars in America and perhaps other countries too. Some hotels or residential areas only have Tesla chargers available in their vicinity. Having this adapter on hand broadens the options for all you non-Tesla electric vehicle owners out there! Moreover, if ever you are in an emergency and you only have access to Tesla chargers, this adapter would come in very handy. 

The Tesla to J1772 Adapter is an excellent product that offers high quality, reliability, and functionality. It serves as a perfect solution for non-Tesla users who wish to access Tesla charging stations. With its durable build and reliable performance, this adapter is a valuable accessory to keep on hand for seamless and convenient electric vehicle charging.

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