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Streamlining EV Charging with the Lectron NEMA 10-30 Socket Splitter

Streamlining EV Charging with the Lectron NEMA 10-30 Socket Splitter

In 2022, electric vehicle (EV) home charging became a US$3.2 billion industry worldwide, and experts predict a 32.19% annual growth between 2023 and 2032. A whopping 52% of this revenue came from Level 2 chargers, which didn’t come as a surprise as most EV drivers prefer them to the slower Level 1 chargers. The increasing demand for Level 2 charging can be linked to its cost-effectiveness and relatively faster charging capabilities.

Like Level 1 trickle chargers, Level 2 chargers can be directly plugged into a household outlet, most commonly a NEMA 14-50. This portability adds to their popularity, as EV owners with existing compatible outlets no longer need to install a dedicated circuit or invest in upgrading their electrical panel. Although NEMA 14-50 outlets are common in modern houses today, the same cannot be said for older homes.

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If your house was built before 1996, it’s likely to have NEMA 10-30 outlets installed. These outlets were widely used in the US for high-power electric clothes dryers, kitchen ranges, and other high-powered equipment. Instead of a neutral line, the two live lines in the NEMA 10-30 direct their power to the ground line. This continued until the National Electrical Code required a separate safety ground for safe operation.

NEMA 10-30 outlets gained popularity during World War II when metal shortages were prevalent. The absence of a neutral meant a reduced need for copper. With thousands of homes being built during that time, it meant saving thousands of yards of copper wires.

Even though these outlets were technically banned in 1996, older homes in the US continue to use "grandfathered" installations. This means that despite not meeting modern grounding standards, those who have them can still "legally" use them, including charging EVs.

No Upgrades Needed

While NEMA 14-50 is the standard for Level 2 home charging, NEMA 10-30 outlets can work just fine. Retrofitting your house to accommodate modern charging infrastructure could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. On top of the installation costs, you will most likely have to upgrade your electrical panel, improve wiring, and even change your garage’s layout. The good news is that there are Level 2 chargers equipped with NEMA 10-30 connectors. While they may no longer be the standard for high-powered charging, they are still the best bet for those who find upgrading to NEMA 14-50s troublesome.

Multiple Outlets

If you live in a house fitted with NEMA 10-30s, chances are they’re already occupied by your dryer and gas range. Plugging and unplugging high-powered appliances in favor of EV chargers isn’t the most practical long-term solution. Luckily, the Lectron NEMA 10-30 Socket Splitter is designed to accommodate dual charging.

Charge More Conveniently

This socket splitter is equipped with a NEMA 10-30 inlet plug, a NEMA 10-30 primary socket, and a NEMA 10-30 secondary socket, allowing you to use a single NEMA 10-30 outlet to power both your Level 2 EV charger and high-powered appliances such as washers or dryers. This eliminates the need for installing a second high-powered NEMA outlet in your home, providing a more convenient and cost-effective solution.

Auto-Switch Feature

The Auto-Switch feature on this socket splitter prioritizes the active charging outlet while efficiently managing the standby outlet. Once the EV plugged into the charger in the primary socket is fully charged, the device seamlessly switches to the secondary socket, ensuring a prioritized power supply. This intelligent mechanism allows you to enjoy the power and convenience of a secondary high-powered NEMA outlet without worrying about overloading the circuit.

Safe and Reliable EV Charging

NEMA 10-30 outlets and plugs were initially designed for indoor use. And without proper grounding, some people doubt their safety. While they may not be the standard for EV charging, the Lectron NEMA 10-30 Socket Splitter has safety features to ensure secure charging for both the equipment and the user. It has undergone ETL certification, ensuring that it meets the highest industry standards. Additionally, built-in safeguards protect against overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuits, providing peace of mind during each charging session.

Home charging doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. While having the latest and greatest equipment has its advantages, it's reassuring to know that practical and cost-effective solutions, such as the existing NEMA 10-30 outlets in your home, can still give you a pleasant charging experience without breaking the bank.

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