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The SEMA Show 2022 Was a Huge Success!

The SEMA Show 2022 Was a Huge Success!

Last month, Lectron attended our first ever SEMA Show in Las Vegas – and it could not have gone any better!

We want to give a special thanks to the SEMA organizers, who put on a truly amazing show, as well as all of the presenters, who showcased some of the coolest cars and automotive tech of 2022, making the SEMA show truly exciting at every turn!

And that was no small feat. 

For those who don’t know, the Las Vegas Convention Center is HUGE. There’s the North Hall, West Hall, Central Hall, and South Hall. Each of these halls, as well as the main lots were jam-packed with the latest and greatest cars and gadgets. 

The Lectron team held it down on three fronts: at our main booth and in the SEMA Electrified section in the North Hall, and at the SEMA new product showcase in the South Hall. People came from all over the US and the world, conversations were had, and many meaningful connections were made!

 Lectron main booth SEMA 2022


The Lectron main booth seemed to stand apart from the rest, with a dazzling circular display, sporting a distinct white and Lectron blue design, it was clear that we were doing something a little different – and different is good! 

At the SEMA Electrified display, we even had a Volvo Polestar 2, fully wrapped and decked out with Lectron logos and colors! Many people were drawn to the car – and were excited to test out our chargers by plugging them in and seeing what they could do!

We were amazed by all of the people genuinely interested in EVs and EV charging. It was clear that something had shifted from the days of when EVs were a mere odd hobby or a novelty car. We spoke to so many people who own one, two, or even three EVs! It's fair to say that the electric age has finally arrived!

Lectron at SEMA 2022

During all four days of the show, the Lectron booths were filled with people – other presenters, the press, the general public, anyone who wanted to learn anything they could about EV charging and what we do at Lectron!  

We had many products on display, including both the 40A and 48A V-BOX, the EV Charger Pedestal, the Level 2 Portable Charger, the Level 1 Portable Charger, the Level 1 / Level 2 Tesla Charger, the CCS adapter, the J1772 to Tesla adapter, and the Tesla to J1772 adapter. We loved that people were coming up to us, picking up our products, and asking any questions they had!

We were happy to tell them about our mission to make EV charging fast, easy and affordable for all EV owners. We told them we are doing our part to bridge the EV charging compatibility gap and that our goal is to make it possible for any EV owner to charge with any charging standard – a message which resonated with many interested people. 

The SEMA 2022 was an amazing experience and a huge success! 

We can’t wait to see what SEMA 2023 has in store!

Team Lectron

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