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Same Power in a More Compact Build: Introducing the New V-BOX Pro EV Charging Stations for J1772 & NACS

Same Power in a More Compact Build: Introducing the New V-BOX Pro EV Charging Stations for J1772 & NACS

As electric vehicle (EV) owners give more importance to their home charging experience, the demand for more compact, uncomplicated but powerful home charging stations has never been more apparent. While the reliable complimentary trickle chargers offer a portable plug-and-play solution, they may not be the most time-efficient option for your daily driving needs. Level 2 chargers, on the other hand, might be intimidating to new EV owners with their bulk and all the necessary wireworks—not including any upgrades to your home electrical system to accommodate a high-powered device.

The J1772 V-BOX Pro and the Tesla V-BOX Pro are Lectron’s answer to this dilemma. Featuring a familiar look, the V-BOX Pro sports a more compact and intuitive design, while maintaining the power and convenience that the original V-BOX Home Charging Station is known for.

Powerful Performance in a More Compact Build

Equipped with the same 48 Amp maximum charging power, the V-BOX Pro provides up to 46 mph of home charging with a hardwired installation while also offering plug-and-play charging with a NEMA 14-50 plug. This home charging station also has adjustable amp settings (16, 32, and 40 amps), allowing you to customize your charging experience based on your needs and vehicle type.

A Familiar Design with a Sleeker Look

The V-BOX Pro draws inspiration from the popular V-BOX and data from customer feedback, featuring a design that users are already familiar with. The faceplate sports Lectron’s signature V-shaped indicator light, sans the LCD screen, giving it a sleeker look that seamlessly integrates into any home environment. The V-BOX Pro’s streamlined design also allows for a more compact and lighter build as compared to the standard V-BOX.

Universal Compatibility

One factor affecting charging efficiency is the compatibility of the charger with the EV. The Lectron J1772 V-BOX Pro assures 100% compatibility with all EVs using the J1772 standard, while the Tesla V-BOX Pro seamlessly supports all Tesla models, including the Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and the highly anticipated Cybertruck.

Same Convenience, More Affordable

Both V-BOX Pro releases come with a J-Hook Mount that streamlines cable organization and protects the charger from wear and tear, ensuring longevity and reliability in every charging session. At $349 for the J1772 variant and $379 for the NACS Tesla variant, this comprehensive home charging setup is more affordable than our standard V-BOX while still maintaining the same power and versatility.

Experience more comprehensive and uncomplicated charging with the new Lectron J1772 V-BOX Pro and Tesla V-BOX Pro home charging stations. Sporting the all-familiar V-BOX signature look, the V-BOX Pro carries the same power and convenience in a more compact build.

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