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Charging Hack: EV Level 2 Charging

Charging Hack: EV Level 2 Charging

Whether you are already an owner of an electric vehicle or are looking to purchase one in the near future, one of the most fundamental concerns you may have is how to charge your vehicle. Typically after you purchase an electric vehicle, you will be provided with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) level one charger which you can use at home. 

20AMP wall outlet

Level 1 Charger

A level one charger can be plugged into a regular 20 Amp wall outlet, which with the help of a connector, will provide an electric current for charging. A level two charger uses the same mechanism however, it requires a circuit with a much higher voltage, so these outlets may need to be specially installed in your home. In essence, a level two charger will take less time to fully charge your vehicle and provide greater miles of driving range per hour as it delivers a greater wattage.

Zac Cataldo messy cable

Plug wall outlet

For those of you who do not have the option to access a level two charger at home, Zac Cataldo from Now Lets Review shares a tip to make charging more convenient. Zac previously faced a dilemma with the level one charger he was using. If he left his charger at home he didn’t have a backup when he was out in case of an emergency, but if he took his charger with him, he had to pack and unpack his charger everyday. He found that the packing process actually warped the cables of his charger, which could have led to further damage and also reduced the resale value of his car. Yikes!

Tesla charging display

Here’s where the Lectron 16A 21ft J1772 Electric Vehicle Charger came to Zac’s rescue. After Zac purchased the Lectron charger he found that it was a great backup charger to be kept on hand, but also, it actually improved his charging process. This is because the Lectron charger can draw up to 16 Amps which is more than a typical OEM charger, that will only draw up to 12 Amps continuously in a 15 Amp circuit outlet. As a result, the Lectron charger has allowed for faster charging and greater mileage for his vehicle!

EV Charging case

So, if you are ever in need of a quick charge in an emergency situation or if you simply just want to invest in an efficient and durable charger for your electric car, the Lectron 16A 21ft J1772 may be a great option for you!

Watch Zac’s full review:

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