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Extend Your Reach with the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable Lectron EV

Extend Your Reach with the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable

Most electric vehicle chargers have a standard cable length of 20 feet, which is usually enough to reach your EV’s parking space – in most cases.

But some instances just call for some extra stretch.

It’s not every day that you’ll find a parking spot near a charging station, especially if you live in California.

And if you do find a vacant one, chances are the charger in that exact slot isn’t working.

However, there might be a charger available two slots to your right that is working. 

Do you know that feeling of being too close yet too far away?

Yes, it can be a hassle to maneuver in a crowded parking lot, particularly when you have to unpark and repark just to access a charging slot. It can be time-consuming and add to the stress of finding an available charging station.

You’d just wish you had an extension cord with you.

Well, look no further than the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable.

This innovative and high-quality extension cable allows you to extend the reach of your electric vehicle charging station by up to 40 feet.

That means you can park your car further away from the station and still enjoy the convenience of a quick and efficient charge.

But what sets the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable apart from other extension cables on the market?

For starters, it’s made with high-strength ABS plastic that’s built to last.

The cable is made with high-quality copper wiring and a sturdy, weather-resistant jacket that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and frequent use.

Moreover, the charging cable is designed with safety as a top priority and is IP66 rated, which guarantees that it is secure to use in any condition, be it rain or shine.

But perhaps the best thing about the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable is its ease of use.

Simply plug the cable into your electric vehicle charging station and then connect the other end to your car's charging port.

The cable is compatible with Level 1 and 2 chargers with J1772 connectors and can support up to 40-amp charging.

Store it in your trunk and never worry about having to park close to a charging station again.

Extend your reach with the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable!

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