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Don’t Want to Spend on Hardwiring Your Tesla Charger? Do THIS Instead Lectron EV

Don’t Want to Spend on Hardwiring Your Tesla Charger? Do THIS Instead

When Tesla stopped including chargers with their cars, new EV converts had to choose between buying a Mobile Connector or having a Wall Connector installed in their garage.

If you're considering hardwiring a Wall Connector, be prepared for an approximate cost of $1000. However, if you're seeking alternatives, I have an ideal solution for you.

With the Lectron Level 1 / Level 2 Portable Tesla Charger (12 Amp / 32 Amp) with Dual Charging Plugs, you get to choose whether to charge at a steady 12 amps or crank it up to 32 amps.

This portable charger is not only compatible with all Tesla models; even EVs that use the North American Charging Standard (NACS) can reap its benefits too!

It comes with interchangeable NEMA 5-15 and 14-50 plugs, allowing you to charge from a Level 1 or Level 2 outlet easily.

Since it has both 12-amp and 32-amp charging capabilities, it’s the perfect choice for people on-the-go.

With the 12-amp charging, you’re assured that your home’s electricity allocation is enough to power other appliances, while the 32-amp charging is suitable for quick top-ups on the road.

Its thoughtful design gives you all the control - the easy-to-read LED indicator displays your Tesla’s charging status, while the charge handle has a button to start or stop charging.

The sleek and portable build is made of weatherproof, heavy-duty materials, including the 21-foot charging cable.

The most appealing aspect of this charger is that it does not require any installation.

Simply plug it in and you can immediately start charging your Tesla without any further setup.

Now, who says you need two different chargers for home and on-the-go use?

This portable Tesla charger is versatile and convenient, serving as the only charger you'll need for both your garage and trunk.

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