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Convenience on the Move: Exploring the Portable Versatility of Lectron Level 1 and Level 2 Tesla Chargers

Convenience on the Move: Exploring the Portable Versatility of Lectron Level 1 and Level 2 Tesla Chargers

The thrill of owning a Tesla is undeniable. The smooth ride, the eco-conscious mindset, and the jaw-dropping acceleration are just a few reasons why Tesla owners are passionate about their electric vehicles (EVs). However, even the most devoted Tesla enthusiasts can face a common roadblock: finding a reliable and convenient charging solution. Fear not, fellow Tesla aficionados! Two new charging companions have arrived.

The Problem: Charging Limitations

Picture this: you're embarking on an epic road trip, traversing breathtaking landscapes in your Tesla. Suddenly, you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere, far from high-power charging stations. While Level 1 chargers offer convenience by plugging into standard household outlets, they often lack compatibility, portability, and sufficient cable lengths. That's where Lectron’s portable chargers swoop in to save the day!

Modest Charging Speeds Can Go A Long Way

While a 15 Amp charging current and a 1.65 kW charging power may seem modest compared to higher-level chargers, the Lectron Level 1 Tesla Charger provides a consistent and reliable charge for your Tesla. It's the perfect solution for overnight charging or situations where a high-power outlet is unavailable.

Featuring a NEMA 5-15 plug, this native Tesla charger can be easily connected to any standard household outlet. No need for additional installations or modifications; simply plug it in and get an extra 40-50 miles of range on your Tesla overnight.

No matter which model has captured your attention—a Model X, a Model Y, a Model 3, or a Model S—this portable charger is fully compatible with all EVs using the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

With an impressive 16 ft extension cord, it grants you the freedom to charge your Tesla from a comfortable distance. No more contorting yourself into parking gymnastics. Relax, find the sweet spot, and watch as your Tesla charges effortlessly while you enjoy peace of mind.

And since it's meant to be a travel companion for on-the-road charging, it features LED indicator lights for effortless monitoring of the charging status, as well as IP65 weather resistance and built-in protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuits to safeguard you and your car throughout the charging process.

Powerhouse Performance with Uncompromising Safety

For those seeking faster charging speeds, the Lectron Level 2 Tesla Charger truly elevates your charging experience. With 40 amps of charging current, it delivers a remarkable 9.6 kW of power. This significantly reduces charging times compared to Level 1 chargers. With this accelerated charging capability, you can quickly replenish your Tesla's battery and get back on the road in less time.

Equipped with a NEMA 14-50 plug, this charger plugs into a standard 240V outlet without the need for special tools. And with a generous 16 ft extension cord, you can set it up in your garage or preferred charging spot without compromising on parking convenience or maneuvering challenges.

Just like its Level 1 counterpart, the Lectron Level 2 Tesla Charger is compatible with all Tesla models and other EVs using the NACS. No matter your Tesla of choice, this charger is ready to power up your electric dreams.

Water jet and dust protection is ensured with an IP55-rated charging handle and an IP65-rated control box with LED indicator lights. The Level 2 charger is also protected against overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuits, this portable Level 2 charger is a must-have for long drives.

The Lectron Level 1 Tesla Charger and the Lectron Level 2 Tesla Charger offer EV owners a practical and reliable solution to overcome the limitations of limited charging options. With versatile compatibility, plug-and-play operation, a convenient extension cord, portability, and safety features, these chargers empower Tesla owners to charge their vehicles conveniently and confidently. Whether you're on a road trip or simply need a reliable charging option at home, these portable chargers are a smart investment for hassle-free electric vehicle charging.

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