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Looking For A Home EV Charging Station? It's As Easy As Your Local AutoZone

Original Post Date: March 31, 2022
Source: Autoweek
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Charge three times as fast in the comfort and security of your own garage for as little as $200.

Getting parts and accessories to charge your electric vehicle just got a whole lot easier. Now you can buy Lectron auto charging devices, like the popular J1772 Tesla adapter, direct from AutoZone.

The two companies announced this week that AutoZone is now carrying a wide variety of Lectron charging devices, accessories, and adapters on the AutoZone website. You can buy Lectron EV charging accessories and pick them up at your local store the same day, or have them brought straight to your garage with free next-day delivery.

From where we're sitting, this is a great advantage to EV owners and drivers. No more dodgy sellers on Amazon and no more wondering if you got the right device. You'll get AutoZone customer service to go with that free next-day delivery on the right part for your electric vehicle.

With sky-high gas prices, more customers are choosing electric vehicles than ever before. EV mileage is improving with every new model year, and charging stations are becoming more ubiquitous.

If you're thinking about getting a charging station in your garage, Lectron has a number of options, ranging in price from $200-$500.

As for the aforementioned J1772 Tesla adapter ($160 at AutoZone), it allows owners of most any EV vehicle to charge up at many Tesla charging stations, giving them even more charging options. Tesla charging stations use a proprietary connection that only syncs with Teslas, meaning EVs like the Chevy Volt and Volvo XC40 Recharge can't use them on their own. However, the Lectron J1772 changes that.

It should be noted that the Lectron adapter isn’t compatible with Tesla Superchargers, limiting the number of Tesla charging stations other EV owners can access. The J1772 only works with Tesla's Level 2 Destination Chargers.

In addition to a wide variety of docks, hooks, and assorted accessories, Lectron charging stations run the gamut on pricing. Guaranteed, there's one that's right for you and your electric vehicle.

If you have a relatively short commute, or don't drive your car much except to work and back, a 16-amp charger might be ideal for you. It's not as fast as the one listed at top—but it's still faster than the chargers that come with most cars.

So if you're in the market for a home EV charging station, you can take your chances with an unreliable seller or buy a Lectron home charging system straight from AutoZone. With faster charging speeds, unbeatable convenience, and Lectron's one-year warranty, it might be the smartest purchase you've ever made.

Lectron EV home chargers and accessories can also be found Home Depot, Amazon, Lowe's, Walmart, and direct from the Lectron website.

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