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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a Lectron EV Adapter?
Our mission is simple: universal charging access for all EV drivers. That’s why we’re proud of our collection of EV charging adapters. Whether you drive a Tesla or a J1772, we’ve got you covered. 
Drive a Tesla? Check out our J1772 to Tesla Adapter, which allows Tesla drivers to access J1772 chargers – giving them 5 times as many charging options. And guess what? It works with all Tesla models S/3/X/Y. Just keep it with you and pop it on when you get to a J1772 charger! 
Drive a J1772? Well, then you’ll love our Tesla to J1772 Adapter - which gives J1772 drivers access to Tesla chargers – giving them over 15,000 more charging options. WOW.
And don’t think for a second that we forgot about CCS fast chargers! With our CCS to Tesla Charger Adapter, our Tesla friends can access any CCS charger across the country! 

What is a fast charger for an EV?
DC fast chargers are industrial-grade charging stations that provide increased amperage to your EV for faster-charging speeds.

What kind of cable do people need for an electric car charger?
AC chargers are divided between two charging types: Tesla and J1772. To charge a Tesla, you need a Tesla charger, and to charge a J1772 EV, you need a J1772 charger. However, you can access the other charging protocol by using an adapter.

For EV car chargers does one size fit all?
No, EV chargers are divided between charging level and charging type. For example, for Level 1 and Level 2 charging (also known as AC charging), there are Tesla and J1772 charging standards. For DC fast charging, there are Tesla, CCS, and CHAdeMO charging standards.

Can a Tesla wall connector charge other cars?
Yes, but you would need a Tesla to J1772 Adapter.